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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My M.S. Defense

I finished my defense several hours ago successfully......!! My committee members were Prof.Dr.Seong-Ju Park who is my advisor and GTI Director, - GIST Technology Institute - Prof.Dr.Noh Do Young who is CELA Director - Center for Extreme Light Applications  - and Prof.Dr.Kurt E.Geckeler who is WCU Director - World Class University - . Three pyramids in Nanosemiconductors, Nanophysics and Nanochemistry. It is the Committee Of Directors or you can say, it is the Committee Of Pyramids. I am so much grateful for all of them and to all the men of honor in Korea. Although, I have received lots of questions from Prof.Noh but his last comment in this defense was that    " Really, very very good " and at that time, I felt that I did something very good in the last two years and I felt too much proud and happy. After, 10 minutes Prof.Park said to me Congratulations !! and it was the most beautiful word which I have heard in the last two years. He saved my future and he was so generous with me and I am so grateful for him.

I think I did very well in this defence because my mother told me not to be afraid and she ordered me to be much confident and also, I love Prof.Dr.Kurt E.Geckeler too much and I know that he loves me also so I felt safe at that defence. Prof.Noh and Prof.Geckeler gave me too much of their precious time in the last two years and also they gave me amazing recommendation letters when I decided to continue my PhD in Europe. I am too much grateful for both of them because they are good kind humans besides being prestigious scientists.
Mission Impossible is done and many thanks to Allah. I am so grateful to the men of honor who helped me, my loyal friends, and my parents. I wish that our Allah will give my parents a very very very long healthy life.
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله  لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله